Smudge Kit
Smudge Kit
Smudge Kit
Smudge Kit
Smudge Kit
Smudge Kit

Smudge Kit

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We have carefully selected suppliers to ensure our items are sustainably sourced and are supporting the tradition and people who share this practice with the collective. Often paying a premium to ensure these practices are honoured.

Smudging with sage to clear stagnant energy shouldn’t be an everyday thing this is reserved to remove that which no longer serves us doing this daily could mean we are removing opportunities for growth.
We choose to use Palo Santo as this is used to invite in positive energy, uplift moods and could help us see the value in some of the stagnant energies.


Choosing one of these ceremonial items to burn is best practice aligning it with the action you are seeking in your practice.

The shell represents the water element, the sage/palo earth, the lighting of these ceremonial herbs the fire and how we move them with the feather the air element. 

We are often asked “do I need all these things?” Simple answer is “Yes” it is important to honour the parts of the collective which provided these items to us and the best way to do that is by honouring “Mother Earth”. This practice should be offered to her in the recognition of all that she has done to join us as one collective regardless of religion, gender, race or creed.

Premium Kit includes:
-5-6" Abalone Shell
-4" Sage Wand
-4" Palo Santo Stick
-Turkey or Eagle Feather
-Instruction Card with clearing blessing.
Standard Kit includes items above except for the feather.

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