Boho Gift Set
Boho Gift Set

Boho Gift Set

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The perfect combination for leaders, nature lovers & those seeking harmonious energies. 

Gift Set Contains:

-1 Pair Tree of Life Sterling Silver Earrings- Family, Strength, Stability -1 Green Aventurine Stone-Luck, Harmony, Success -Boxed for gifting
-1 Boho Mala Bracelet-Community, Connectivity, Leadership
-1 Palo Santo Smudge Stick

This aromatic wood has a citrus pine scent when burned on a 45 degree angle then extinguished it maintains a slow burn for 60-120 seconds due to it's high oil content. Burning Palo Santo (BG) can have the following effects on the user and space:

-reduction of anxiety-increased concentration-clarity of thought-uplifting mood-encourage creative thought-encourage good fortune

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