The WELL Giveaway

If you attended The 2018 Well Event & received a keychain in your swag bag you may be one of three lucky winners!

7 different styles
  1. Teardrop-Red Coral & Hematite-Creativity
  2. Feather-Blue Lace Agate & Hematite-Communication
  3. Feather-Red Coral & Hematite-Protection
  4. Feather-Dalmatian Jasper & Hematite-Self Realization
  5. Feather-Rose Quartz & Hematite-Self Love
  6. Peace-Tea Dyed Howlite & Tiger Eye-Insight
  7. Well-Rhodonite & Lava Stone-Emotional Balance

If you received one of three Hand Stamped keychains which read WELL with a laurel leaf you are an instant winner!

In order to claim your prize please contact Trish via email