Provincial move

Now that we are all settled in beautiful Smiths Cove, Nova Scotia we have noticed some changes in the turnaround time in getting your packages to you. Since it takes 2 days to get from the postal outlet to Halifax fullfillment there is no longer a 2 day turnaround time. 

Due to inflation Canada Post has also increased fuel surcharges which I've been eating for months sadly that means I lose $5-$15 per package. So I have implemented some strategies to ensure your packages arrive on time and at a cost that still meets the current market.


How long will my item take to ship?

Shipping during non peek season will ship within 3-5 business days from order within Nova Scotia. Other provinces will have shipping within 3-9 business days depending on location. 

Shipping Costs range from a flat fee of $8-$25 based on weight of entire package. Free shipping is available on all orders over $100 before taxes.

For US & International orders please contact us separately to get a quote on shipping costs and time lines.

How do I know where to find you at a show or event?

We always try to keep you up to date via our mailing list. However during peek  seasons this can be a challenge so you are best to follow us on Instagram for frequent updates.

How do I pay through e-transfer?

Select e-transfer upon check out. Once order is complete go to your banks site login and add SuburbZen@gmail.com create a security question. Email or text the answer to the security question to the same email. 

Can I pick up my order?

We offer local contactless porch pick up by appointment for online orders. By choosing local pick up/drop off upon check out the shipping costs will be removed. Please ensure you enter your email or phone number upon checkout in order for us to make arrangements for pick up/drop off.

I don't see my area available in the drop off options?

Contact us via phone, text or email to see if we deliver to your area as we are able to make exceptions for larger orders or may charge a small fee to deliver outside our typical local area.

Where is your shop located?

While we do not have a brick and mortar location at this time. Our pick up location is located in Smiths Cove just off Hwy 101 about 10 minutes east of Digby, Nova Scotia.

What is included in an energy session?

Our energy sessions allow you to begin with Reiki then you can choose to add sound bath or crystal healing into the 60 minute session depending on your own preference for the challenges you are looking to overcome.

How do the remote sessions work?

When booking a remote session we will contact you to inform of intake forms, session set up and preferred method of conducting your session. We currently offer sessions through Zoom, FaceTime or phone.

Who are your suppliers?

Where possible and sustainable we use Canadian Suppliers. Many of our print companies and wood supplies are acquired through local businesses. From time to time to obtain ethically sourced items we may use international suppliers in the effort to support the communities these practices and traditions belong to.

How do I clean my copper products?

Copper items can be cleaned with Brasso. For more of a natural approach mix baking soda, water, vinegar into a paste then gently rub all over copper and remove with a dry cloth. The interior of the copper vessel should only be used for water in order to absorb natural mineral benefits. We do not suggest cleaning the inside of the bottle with anything other than a rinse of water. It is best to store the bottle empty with the lid on when not in use.

Do you offer meditation/yoga classes?

This service is currently offered 1:1 in our studio or at your place of business or residence. There is a direct booking link we can send to those interested. From time to time we incorporate these services into our workshops, corporate facilitation and retreats.


Will I receive a million emails if I join your mailing list?

We currently do not have a email schedule but try not to email you more than once a quarter. This allows us to keep you up to date on where our shows are, any new product offerings or news we’d like to share.

Where do you source sage?

Our sage is acquired from an Indigenous Metis family just outside of Sudbury as we choose to honour the traditional heritage of this sacred herb by buying wholesale from the community. We also donate monthly to the Downie Wenjack foundation in honour of this sacred practice. We ask that our clients use this herb sparingly for ceremonial purposes to honour the tradition of Indigenous culture.

Why do you carry Palo Santo?

We choose to carry Palo Santo due to an immense amount of research we’ve done on the benefits to those suffering anxiety (like ourselves). Here are some additional details about why we import our Palo Santo and the sustainability factor. Crafted from sustainably sourced South American Palo Santo Bursera Graveolens. Traditionally harvested providing a sustainable livelihood for local farmers supporting eco-friendly harvesting practices + reforestation projects. 

Why don’t I see any sessions available in the services section for this day/week?

If there are no dates available this means we are either fully booked, at an event/training or possibly closed on that particular date/time. There is an option at the right of the booking panel for more times by clicking that you'll be taken to our next available appointment. If you require a session immediately and do not see an opening please contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate.

What is the local drop off area?

Drop off delivery is offered in Smiths Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our service area covers towns within 15-20 km of that area. There is often no charge or a minimal charge for this service. This fee is currently waived. 

-Digby, Smiths Cove, Bear River, Annapolis Royal, Clementsport, Brighton, Barton, Seabrook, Clementsvale 

What charities do my purchases support?

Currently we make regular donations or monthly donations in your honour to the following charities

-Downie Wenjack downiewenjack.ca

-CAMH www.camh.ca

We are currently seeking non-profit organizations to support for 2023 in the following categories 

         -Men's/Children's Mental Health Support

         -BIPOC Support Programs

         -Female Entrepreneurship Programs

If you have one you'd like us to consider please forward these details to us via email suburbzen@gmail.com