Boho Bracelets
Boho Bracelets
Boho Bracelets

Boho Bracelets

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There is something magical about these bracelets let us tell you what that is...

Boho Bracelets are made from the remnants of our creative projects. During our preparations to create specific intentions are set through meditation, then we create our products. Often materials remain unused so instead of discarding of the intentions set we collect these materials and create the Boho Bracelets.

(All beads collected in 2019 no new supplies have been added in 2020 due to the current pandemic)

They symbolize the collective intentions of wild hearts & wanderers.

In doing this these creations are then infused with Reiki energies to ensure the wearer benefits from the vibrations of the crystals which suit them best!

Each Bracelet comes with a description card of the creation and boxed for gift giving.

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