DHOOP Rope Incense-Nag Champa

DHOOP Rope Incense-Nag Champa

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Nag Champa is our go to for setting our sacred space. This style can be strung on a paper clip set over a mug, mason jar or teacup which helps if you dislike the mess left  behind by traditional stick incense since the ash is caught by the chosen vessel.

This particular blend is imported from Tibet and is called DHOOP better known as rope incense. The aroma is a beautiful sandalwood flora mix which is slightly milder then the revered blend from India.

One of our top sellers at shows last year and now in our shops in Norfolk.

The aroma can be beneficial to those wanting stress relief, focus and calmness. Fun fact it can also be an aromatic aphrodisiac.

Each box includes 21 incense sticks and the paper clip.

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