Brass Programmable Pendulum
Brass Programmable Pendulum

Brass Programmable Pendulum

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This brass and glass pendulum is programmable. By placing different stone chips inside you can change the vibration of energy you choose to work with while affirming your intuition.

Pendulum comes full of clear quartz chips which are programmable through meditation & intention setting. Clear Quartz is a master healing stone which also amplifies the vibrations of other stones used during your practice.

Each Pendulum comes in a muslin satchel.

What is a pendulum?

Pendulums are divination tools used to test ones intuition and affirm vibrational frequencies of energy. The weighted bottom allows us to check chakra energy to confirm over or under active energies. They can also be used for Dowsing which is a practice to affirm a yes or no answer to a question.

Crafted in India. Purchased through a Canadian Supplier.

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