Crystal Chakra Set-Alignment Edition

Crystal Chakra Set-Alignment Edition

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Alignment of one’s inner “chi” or life force is the work we can do daily with the aide of crystals to balance the vibrational flow. 

This complex system requires recalibration of these energy centres.  To adopt a practice that aides all the chakras to become aligned we use a crystal set with seven crystals one resonating with each chakra. There is actual science behind vibrational medicine which we have studied intensely so if you need tips on how to use this kit reach out.

Kit includes description cards, sticker, travel satchel and DHOOP Rope Incense crystals listed below:

-Clear Quartz-Crown

-Amethyst-Third Eye

-Blue Lace Agate-Throat


-Sunstone-Solar Plexus

-Red Jasper-Sacral


Aura Cleanser-Selenite Wand

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