108 Bead Mala

Daily mala practice is used to focus, provide mental clarity and manifest through mantra's.

108 bead Malas are used in the Hindu community accompanied by chanting for worship of deity and manifestations. The Buddhist community uses Mala practice as a daily meditation. Catholicism has a similar practice with the rosary.

While there are various symbolic representations amongst many cultures for the 108 beads. SuburbZen honours the one which doesn't have any particular religious connection. This belief states that there are 108 energy branches within the body which all lead to or connect with the Heart Chakra. 

The practice of mala is a valuable tool for those looking to alter their mindset, manifest and focus their thoughts. It can also be particularly helpful with managing stress.

Each mala comes with instructions on practice, a mantra to get you started and a hand sewn mala bag for storage.