Working with Moldavite

  There are three questions I ask anyone requesting to purchase the most on trend specimen of the 2021…Moldavite.

 Do you currently work with any crystals?

Do you have any repressed emotions like sadness, fear or anger?

Are you experiencing any overwhelming emotional states currently?

  As an accredited crystal healer my work and more importantly your reaction to the crystals I provide you are my reputation and with a powerhouse like Moldavite I am extra cautious offering it to just anyone. Not to mention the popularity has grown within the Witchtok community making it the must have specimen to heal the heart. My hope is that some will reconsider investing in this stone until they are prepared for its power. Another thing you need to be cautious of is fakes if you don’t feel an instant vibration by just holding it in your hand the specimen is likely not authentic. Price does matter if it’s inexpensive then again it is likely an imposture.

  People flock to Moldavite for its ability to remove energetic blockages however this can also unleash a furry of emotional baggage one may not have the capacity to handle. Since it is formed from a 15 million year old meteorite impact it holds great power linked to extraterrestrial origins. There is only one place to source a natural green tektite stone with its intense energy, that would be the Czech Republic at the site of the meteorite strike. Given its age and limited accessibility if you’re not paying a lot for it then it is likely just fancy green glass unless it is a tiny piece under 1cm and even then you’re looking at $40-50 retail.

   The healing journey with crystals in tow is never linear and for many the rainbows and sunshine they expect are replaced with wake up calls that nightmares are made of. This work is for those who truly seek healing from within as it can uproot the unconscious mind and further complicate human existence which is why I exercise extreme caution offering Moldavite to my clients. The laundry list of questions which accompany a request for specific crystals proves that we just don’t want to sell you an item we want you to heal in a way which supports self-discovery and transformative change to be your most authentic self.

  Although Moldavite is a go to for some looking to relieve blockages within the heart chakra this can be achieved at a much slower and gentler pace with other specimens which don’t connect as much with unworldly energy frequencies.

  If you have any of the following challenges I would caution you to avoid working with Moldavite:

            -childhood trauma

            -awareness of past life trauma

            -difficulties receiving love or loving oneself

            -are new to working with crystals for healing

  Instead try an alternative to start your heart healing then work your way up to Moldavite with something like:

            -Rhodonite-self-love, emotional balance, discover your passion

            -Amazonite-universal love, trauma healing, self-discovery

            -Green Aventurine-opportunity, new opportunities, stabilize emotions

            -Rose Quartz-harmony, self-compassion (most important stone for                      heart healing)

            -Malachite-transformation, let go, great for empaths who face                              emotional overwhelm

  If you’re still determined to work with this specimen then be prepared for some huge emotional shifts.

With any crystal work I always suggest the following:
-know your current level of emotional resiliency
-have an awareness of your mindset
-ensure mental health supports are in place for adverse reactions
-educate yourself on both the positive and negative outcomes

  You can find the alternatives mentoned available on our site through the search menu. As for Moldavite we only sell this to individuals we deem a good fit, at an advanced level of working with crystal healing.

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