Working with Black Tourmaline

  One of my preferred stones for home protection and grounding frequencies to work with has been quickly gaining popularity. Black Tourmaline is a beautiful silicate crystal composed of Sodium Iron Aluminum Borate which has a trigonal crystal structure. It is an earth stone which resonates with the root chakra. Stones which work well with Black Tourmaline for protection of the home include Amethyst geodes as the Black Tourmaline provides the rooting and the Amethyst protection for a space. I like to place Black Tourmaline by a doorway or entry into a home. It is a stone which requires some gentle handling as its structure makes it susceptible to flaking and breaks. This stone is also referred to a Schorl and can offer psychic protection as well. If you are easily impacted by others energy as an empath or work in the spiritual field this is an excellent stone for clearing any imbalances of unwanted auric energies absorbed and can also be worn as a protection amulet for healers.

  When meditating Black Tourmaline opens up the flow of energy from the root to crown making it ideal for those wanting to raise their level of consciousness. It also has benefits which help to purify thoughts. If anxious thoughts plague your mind this stone is a go to for those who would like to quell thoughts of unworthiness due to negative thinking patterns or fear. Looking to overcome bouts of worry tied to obsessive thinking and planning this is the crystal to have on days when worry is a never-ending battle.

  Balancing work and everyday life can be challenging at times and puts an immense amount of stress on the physical body. Black Tourmaline can help as it transmutes energy in order to offer an elevated ability to ground and connect with nature in ways which help reduce stress. This stone not only entrains our energy to its own frequency but also creates a connection with the frequency of Mother Earth so using it while in nature is especially effective for healing combined with 528 hertz sound frequency and you’ve got a recharge grand slam. If you’ve discovered a high level of heavy metals within the physical body Black Tourmaline can also help to clear the system of environmental toxins.

  When seeking spiritual protection, we pair it with Charoite to open the third eye to increase insight for spiritual exploration. Often seen as a bridge to spirituality for those living human existence this stone can also promote inspired ideas during spiritual practice. As a grounding stone when held a black tourmaline can provide cleansing for the etheric (physical) body, it can also foster a sense of belonging for those who lack this in our physical world. When working with our clients we find grounding is amplified with the addition of Hematite. However, those highly impacted by planetary alignment may sense a slight increase in negativity until alignment is obtained as always, an accredited healer should easily be able to adjust the specimens you’re working with to help with this.

  Many new comers to working with crystals as well as seasoned professionals gravitate to this specimen as sensing the energetic connection comes easily. As a protection stone you will need to maintain and clear this stone regularly to release any energy it has absorbed. This can be done by sound vibration or placing the specimen in direct sunlight for a few hours. This should be done outdoors by placing the stone on the earth so the energy can flow from the sun, through the stone back to the earth.

  We would love for others to hear what you have to say about working with this stone. Let us know in the comments.

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  • Kelly on

    Black Tourmaline was one of the first stones I purchased with a purpose in mind. Since then, it is my go to stone to feel grounded and I gift it regularly.

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