The WELL Event

The Well Event was run on November 18, 2018 organized by P.S. Media House at the Oakville Conference Centre an annual event in support of local services which provide aide to female and female identifying individuals within the Halton region. This time last year a friend had invited me to this event, I declined as anxiety had me in a suffocating choke hold for months and I couldn't possibly handle such a large crowd.

With inspiring guest speakers such as Jeanne Beker, Catie Fenn & Talli Osbourne, workshops & the addition of a holiday market SuburbZen was excited to be a part of this years event. With vast improvements in my coping tools I felt capable to conquer the day. As I arrived to unload and set up for my day I easily unpacked my vehicle. I returned to my vehicle to learn my battery was dead...

And then there she was "Ursula" (my anxiety) crept up to pay me a visit but I didn't have time to welcome her I had to set up so I frantically found someone to give me a boost, parked my vehicle and with the Universe backing me parked my vehicle, set up and began my day. 

The attendees were of all walks of life, holistic practitioners, mothers, wives, professionals, fitness enthusiasts and simply all around awesome humans. I was delighted that many chose to engage listening to my story and sharing their own. 

I had launched my independent site early as the giveaways for this event tied to my new site and the opportunity for attendees to win one of three giveaways. 

If you attended The 2018 Well Event & received a keychain in your swag bag you may be one of three lucky winners!

7 different styles
  1. Teardrop-Red Coral & Hematite-Creativity
  2. Feather-Blue Lace Agate & Hematite-Communication
  3. Feather-Red Coral & Hematite-Protection
  4. Feather-Dalmatian Jasper & Hematite-Self Realization
  5. Feather-Rose Quartz & Hematite-Self Love
  6. Peace-Tea Dyed Howlite & Tiger Eye-Insight
  7. Well-Rhodonite & Lava Stone-Emotional Balance

If you received one of three Hand Stamped keychains which read WELL with a laurel leaf you are an instant winner!

In order to claim your prize please contact Trish via email

It was my pleasure to be involved in this years event and I was happy to have survived the day with many thanks to the event organizers, other artisans and the soulful attendees who came out to support this event.

I look forward to being involved with this event in the coming years as it brings women together in a way that is inspiring and truly fills my cup. 





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