The Science Behind Working with Crystals

     The woo, the magic, the healing earth specimens may provide us, can challenge those who don’t have a mind willing to accept the unknown. But I’m here to explain some of the science that can support one’s understanding of using crystals and other mineral specimens for certain benefits. Whether it be in your space or on your own energetic field, understanding the crystals limitations and your part in the healing is essential to working with the collective flow which can vastly improve how we navigate our day to day lives. I will warn anyone dipping their toe in the abyss that is crystal healing be prepared for some serious information overload.

To make this read a little more accessible I will break it into two categories:

  • How crystals work?
  • How to work with Crystals

     First, I will start with a disclaimer letting everyone know that crystals may be beneficial for some and each person will benefit differently based on where they are at spiritually, how open they are to the concept and of course their own energetic field.

How do crystals work?

     Because crystals are composed of minerals and elements they have a built-in blueprint based on their elemental composition. Vibrations of energy move through crystals in the same pattern all the time, this is called the DOR or dominant oscillatory rate.

     Since humans are not elemental beings and due to the chakras, auric fields and how easily our energy is impacted by thoughts, feelings and situations our energy is far more subject to influence. When we actively work with crystals our energy begins to marry itself with the structured patterns of the crystal energy this is referred to as entraining.

     The easiest way to understand the entraining of energy is to recall listening to one of your favorite songs and how your body just begins to flow with the energy of the beat. This is what crystals are doing with our energy when we work with them.

How to work with Crystals

     Understanding the function of the energy centres within the physical body referred to as chakras is helpful. Depending on the location within the body these energy centres all rotate at an optimum frequency aligned with the earth, celestial alignment and universal flow of energy. Since there are many vibrations outside the physical body which can impact or adjust our balance it is important to know how to re-calibrate them.

There are typically four ways to work with crystals with some being more beneficial then others.

Passive work is kind of what I refer to as space holders. These are items we are drawn to mainly based on their esthetic. Often having little to no benefit unless we use the next few categories to activate the joining of energies. That specimen on your shelf, in your pocket or worn around your neck is the background singer in the band. The space surrounding you is receiving a broadcast of the frequency but your energetic body isn't being impacted with passive work. While there are some benefits they are not directly altering the energetic flow of mind, body & soul.

Active work is when we put focus on the specimen and focus our intentions on the actual item we are wearing. Naming crystals, giving them a sacred space to be honored and cleansing them are all forms of actively engaging with our tools. When setting intentions, we want to align our message with the properties of that crystal, pairing the colour with specific chakras and our desired outcome. So, if one is struggling with self-expression of their needs they can wear a blue lace agate as a necklace (this is still passive) but once they begin to engage in active work a conversation with self begins. Placing their intentions on harnessing the power of the stone to speak their truth. When self-expression or truth is repressed one should rub the stone or state an affirmation anchoring themselves to its vibration. This activates the joining the bodies energy flow with the crystal so the energy can reorganize to the vibrational frequency of that specimen.

Resonating work is when we work with specific energetic flow within the body or ailments that are impacting the body functions. I would say that 80% of the clients I see have delved into this step without much information on the impacts both positive and negative. For healing one should always seek support of an accredited healer or one risks having inconsistent results, adverse results due to amplification or tuning down the wrong vibrational flow. When working with crystals it isn't a one size fits all approach kind of like buying swimsuit or jeans. Each of us have an energetic flow based on our experiences, support and level of emotional and physical resiliency.

Projecting work is about sending the energy of the crystals beyond the physical body. This work uses a large amount of one’s personal energy so I always suggest only doing this work when you are vitally overflowing with a buzz like energetic field. This can be a literal physical vibration sensed in the body. This work allows one to influence the energy of a space, connect with spiritual messages via channeling and hold space for healing others. I want to caution you here as you want to ensure if you are sending healing to someone else you ask their permission. I'm sure you've heard people say they feel like someone is watching them this is likely energy being sent to them without their consent.

     My hope in posting this is that some may have a better understanding of how to harness the energy of earth, celestial alignment and vibrational frequencies to assist them in their healing journey.

     If you are looking to have a cystal healing session go to the services menu to schedule yours today. Curious about learning more? Send me a message for group, one on one or mentorship for entrepreneurs in the field of vibrational healing or crystal retail sales.






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