Re-Opening for In-Person Sessions

   After clawing my way back to a stable emotional state that wasn’t ruled by my mental health diagnosis. I was finally well enough to be able to make life decisions without crippling fear and anxiety. It was then that I decided it was best for me to step away from my corporate career which had provided me the stability to endure that 3 ½ year fight without the added pressure of financial strain to myself or my family. This time of healing was immensely important for the challenges ahead which like all of you, I had no idea of at that time.

   On February 28th 2020, I resigned from my career as a Financial Analyst I decided I had what I needed and what I didn’t have Universe would provide. I trusted that I was well enough to handle any circumstance life threw at me in the next chapter of my journey. That being said I am also extremely privileged to have a partner who supported this decision and believed in my vision. Little did I know less than 20 days later the doors of my service-based business would be closed due to the pandemic.

   I still recall the evening I sat down to discuss this with my husband and brainstorm how long we thought it would last. Since then my business has pivoted in many different directions and financially I was rescued by two retail spaces which allowed me to still maintain a reasonable income without needing to rely on Government assistance. So many of you stepped up and pivoted along with me and accepted that remote sessions would still benefit your personal journey. I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you since this business wouldn’t exist without your support, shares, likes and follows.

   Last week I found myself sitting with my husband and daughter asking permission to re-open my home-based studio to see you all again. The discussion went in depth into the safety plan, what would stay the same and what would change. I’ve spent a lot of effort, research and time investing in the decision to reopen. So, we are currently closed until March 15th for sessions unless booked directly through me remotely to prepare the studio for the re-opening.

   At this time only Chakra Alignments and Energy Healing sessions can be scheduled in person. We have decided readings and self-discovery will remain remote until further notice. 

Here are the notable changes and implementations we are making in order to reopen March 15th 2021:

  • Online Screening upon booking
  • Waiving our cancelation policy (you’ll be issued a credit on file if you are not feeling well let me know)
  • Mandatory Mask requirement
  • Face Shield will be provided upon entry to double up face covering
  • Hand Sanitization upon entry
  • Temperature check, Name and Phone for contact tracing
  • Sheets changed and laundered between sessions
  • Disposable covering for table
  • Limited appointment availability (1 in-person session per day)
  • No seating area any longer
  • No hugs
  • My clothes will be fully laundered between clients

   These implementations follow both municipal and provincial guidelines for personal services. We appeal to you all to not judge our decision as many deem our services as essential to them and we can no longer ignore that need within our community. While I recognize many are divided on this topic I ask that everyone respect my decision to move forward as I can no longer rely on savings to get me through and if I do not make this decision it may jeopardize the viability of the business as a whole. We will continue to offer remote sessions indefinitely to those who still feel uncomfortable attending in person.

   As always, I am so grateful for your support and thank you for continuing to stand by me and my business in whatever way you see fit for where you’re at in your own journey. I’m looking forward to establishing a new normal together!


If you wish to look into the government protocol guidelines visit any of the following links:

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