Expedition 9: Daily Crystal Carry

Today I want to introduce you to my daily crystal carry. Some call them stones, rocks, crystals, gemstones, minerals whatever you call them is up to you but there is no denying the healing qualities of these beautiful pieces of earth born materials. Since I’m not one for conformity and for simplicity in this post I’ll refer to them as crystals only but please keep in mind not all are crystals they do come from different natural earth made sources. It has been said that you do not choose a crystal it chooses you. I’m a bit of a truest when it comes to this, don’t choose a crystal based on the colour matching your outfit, or what the hottest reality star is rocking. I’m so very against the fast fashion fad of the power of crystals since you do need to have some knowledge to properly manifest the benefits. Different combinations can heighten the healing properties and some can even be toxic and others are downright knockoffs man made pieces of plastic crap. Go to a reputable store to acquire your crystals they will be able to assist with the crystal script that will best meet your needs. I’ll list some links to a few of my favorite spots in below for those out of town or country e-mail me for additional suggestions.


For me it is my essential toolkit to remain loved, calm, self confident/focused, driven to overcome suffering, and protected from the lies of my broken mind. These crystals are totems of affirmations which I carry to get me through the day, they remind me of my strength at times when I feel POWERLESS and afraid. Each has a story which I will share with you, they came into my life at different times when I needed support, assisting with my challenge and guiding me through with the power I held within.


The energy of each crystal comes from the earth, with each crystal having its own healing properties, connecting to different parts of the human body. The crystals harness your internal energy and connect to those chakras and ground with the earth to heal. Before using crystals most require cleansing which is really easily done with a few different methods available I’ll discuss further below. You should also prepare your CHAKRA’S before using, chakras are the 7 points of energy within all of us which require balance and clearing to receive and connect without blockage. I will need to explain the CHAKRAS in a separate post since that is a whole other topic. I use a SELENITE wand to clear my energies while I burn Frankincense to further my meditation.


When I was a teenager heading into grade 10 I went through a shift in who I was and was so unsure of myself. We had just moved to a new town much smaller then the one I grew up in. The style of everyone was so different since it was the time of the shift from HIP HOP to GRUNGE somehow I weathered the storm and confusion with a few grounding stones I recall owning CLEAR & SMOKY QUARTZ and TIGERS EYE.

When I met my husband it was a whirlwind romance met in late February, walking down the aisle that same year in May. It took a lot of unconditional love for both our families to accept what we wanted to do and respect our wishes. At our wedding we had ROSE QUARTZ each attendee was given a stone to wish upon at the ceremony then they left their well wishes behind for us to have. I still have these crystals displayed in my living room they may have spent a few years in a box but recently I found them and gave that love the spotlight it deserves next to a photograph of my late grandmother. Her and my grandfather had an unconditional love which weathered many a storms but their love was pure. Unfortunately, neither of them was present at my wedding to wish upon a crystal as they had both already passed.

One of my fondest memories of a family day we spent together was when my daughter was only about three. We went to The Butterfly conservatory in Niagara-on-the-Lake. My daughter was always one for collecting the tiniest items this day was no exception to this rule, she had been sucked into the big box of crystals and returned with an overflowing bag of beautiful treasures. Shortly before I turned back to crystals in my life she began to embrace this love again, digging through the boxed up toys buried in storage to find each and everyone for display on her own alter.

When I began to embrace my suffering from the car accident and stop pretending everything was ok I decided to also take on MINDFULNESS practice. So I registered for a course through my work they didn’t let you get to deep in the emotional whirlpool but you could dip a toe then run or dig more on your own at home…At this workshop I was determined to figure out who I was NOW after the accident, what had changed, how could I still be a good mother and wife if I felt so broken? I was gifted a SODALITE crystal as was everyone in the workshop this stone quickly became the only way I was able to CALM my anxiety. SODALITE isn’t typically a stone for anxiety however the power of this stone connected with my need to express my TRUTH to strive for INNER PEACE and grow in the direction of using LOGIC to cope. I was floored to learn that this was the crystal my daughter had been wearing for months I love these UNIVERSAL messages that make common humanity so concrete.

When I was struggling at work for months with the pain and inability to focus on my work due to the anxiety. I found CITRINE was a totem which allowed me to function, even though at the most basic level I was just struggling to get through the workday without a meltdown and failing miserably.

In February I met with an influential female this meet up left me questioning my TRIBE and how I both support and rely upon and maintain relationships with other females in my life. This interaction reminded me of the elders in my life who have over come so many obstacles in their own lives. I found the CHRYSOCOLLA to be a stone that allowed me to heal in a few ways not to mention the stone that choose me was such a gorgeous colour (that was a bonus). It is a stone which also highlights the WISDOM of women and communication with each other.

When things began to crumble in my journey I found myself no longer capable of keeping up the act. In early June I started to become unhinged, not knowing where to turn since every form of traditional treatment required paperwork, approval, assessments, referrals and waiting beyond what any mind can handle. I was being tugged in so many directions that I broke. I started to have some suicidal and self harm thoughts and was gifted a SMOKY QUARTZ from my daughter in February which I hadn’t really used. But now was the time to seek protection from my own mind as I decided to step away from my job and take a leave to start dealing with the diagnosis I had been given months before. Unpacking each issue day by day this was a journey I’d need all the totems, books, incense, and silence for it has been quite the journey. Nothing has been a quick fix that is for sure and for every step I take forward my anxiety catches up (URSULA) and drags me back to the abyss.


  • ROSE QUARTZ- Unconditional Love/ for myself/ my family/ humanity (in that order) 4THChakra-Heart Chakra-Anahata (unstruck)
  • SODALITE- Cultivate Harmony/ Calm /Release Anger 6thChakra-Third Eye-Ajna (to perceive)
  • CITRINE- Mental Clarity/ Self-Confidence/ Abundance (in any form the Universe delivers) 7thChakra-Crown Chakra-Sahasrara (thousand petaled)
  • CHRYSOCOLLA- Divine Feminine Wisdom/ Communication/ Heal Emotional Wounds 5thChakra-Throat Chakra-Visuddha (pure place) known to activates all Chakras
  • SMOKY QUARTZ- Protection/ Aides Depression/ Grounding 1stBase/Root Chakra-Muladhara (root support)


During my meditation practices I like to be outdoors if possible. I will hold the SELENITE wand while standing preferable bare foot in the grass (this is called earthing) it allows the energy to flow freely. I will then run the wand down the center of my body to align my chakras without touching it to my body. I will then take my stone of choice in one hand and meditate asking the Universe what its message is for me today. I will then repeat the affirmation below to remind myself of the growth I am working on in my spiritual life. Taking a few moments of silence to listen for messages from the Universe which can aide my healing process. Sometimes I will see an animal, insect or be contacted by someone via phone, e-mail or social media. I later analyze to decipher what the message was so I can take action if required or simply be in that moment to show gratitude for my presence.


“I love all the parts of myself, the life I’ve created and the people who love me unconditionally”.


“I see the strength I have to overcome my anxiety with logic, inner peace and truth”.


“I know I can clear my mind and focus on the things I love about myself to be truly confident”.


“I speak my truth without fear, guilt or judgment to empower others to do the same”.


“I have a life I am grateful for, protected by nature and grounded in the present moment”.

As promised here are some links to some of the shops I frequent:

Located in Hamilton, ON






Located in Port Dover, ON


Located in Burk’s Falls, ON


It has been just over a year and a week since my car accident and I am grateful that I have been able to find another form of reinforcement for my healing process while I wait for the bureaucratic red tape to be cut over and over. However, I do not suggest that people use crystals in place of traditional medical advice. If you are taking medications do not use this therapy or any other in place of your physician’s advice.

TRUST ME! I tried it early on and doesn’t work that way and will only cause you to avoid the parts that need healing, eventually leaving you needing more support then what a stone can provide especially when your diagnosed with a a mental health issue.



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