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Expedition 17-Free Spirits

Last year on May 19, 2017 my husband whisked me away to a cabin in the woods. Although, our 19th wedding anniversary was on May 30th we needed the time away as soon as possible. Life at that time was spiraling out of control for me. All the things I thought I was handling I realized I was simply avoiding. It was that weekend that I truly began to realize I no longer needed to hide my pain.

Knowing that no matter how bad it got he would be there to support me. That weekend I took off the mask, making time for myself to recharge, tuned out the world to connect to what mattered to me most. That was authenticity, integrity & compassion!

I soon realized that “Nothing else matters” then the pride you have in who you are. Even if that doesn’t meet the norms or remotely emulate the perception of success you’ve been led to adopt. My truest self is a Free Spirit who feels emotion deeply in her being, one who connects with nature & has compassion for all.

I am grateful to have been given the best 20 years of my life married to the man of my dreams. He has embraced the Free Spirit I’ve become this past year & has raised me up on the days I couldn’t do it for myself.



Down the winding road.

Through the trees.

With a view of the lake.

The only true friend I have leading the way.

Into the wilderness is all we need.

Each time we embark upon a journey of this nature we return a little wiser.


It is as though the water washes our souls of the grit of the chaotic world we try to escape.

Year after year we return to be baptized by Mother Natures beauty.

The sound of the water hitting the rocky shoreline.

Like the calming lullabies sung to that little girl so many years ago.


Close your eyes with me what do you see?

Is it the dancing shadows of leaves or birds soaring the horizon?

Listen with your ears what do you hear?

Is it the crackle of fireside evenings or laughter that goes on all night?

How does this make you feel?

Full of memories of simpler times?


We to soon forget what it was like to be that carefree couple.

Burdened now by expectations and ego.

Until one day after we’ve clawed our way to the summit.

We realize it was all a lie.

We didn’t need anymore then what we had or have at this very moment.


We’ve just acquired more weight to carry.

We aren’t admired more by others nor do we wish to be.

We’ve just burdened our lives with more stuff.

Getting back to basics is the life we always wanted simple & uncomplicated.


Not many people are raised to truly be a Free Spirit.

From the moment we enter this world there are things to be learned.

Immediately shackled to tradition, expectations, breaking the cycle of those who came before.

Our empathy determines how we choose to live our lives that is our moral compass.


The trees, the lake, the sounds of nature this is the truth.

This is the real currency, the possession we should all hold as sacred.

It is here we find silence to reflect on our lives past, present & future.

It is here that we have the ability to become Free Spirits together!





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