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Expedition 14: Removing Obstacles- Mala Practice 101

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Taking a time out in life is so crucial especially today when we forget to get off the hamster wheel of life. It keeps us in that habitual redundant cycle of working, earning spending, working, earning, spending. SuburbZen was born out of a scary place that I found myself in my own mind. I had been so wrapped up in my career and the happiness I had finally acquired professionally that I refused to acknowledge the suffering I was in following a motor vehicle accident.

This accident left me questioning many things such as the integrity and kindness of humanity, my resilience, and ultimately who I am as a person. I was completely lost in my anxious thoughts and had no idea how to silence the darkness that kept pulling me deeper into depression. I began to identify changes in who I was; once I was able to admit where I was at with my mental health crisis.

I continued to plow through my responsibilities until I started making mistakes at work and feeling useless to those who relied upon me. Of course hiding the bawling sessions at my desk or saving them for the commute home or just bottling it all up. I had tried mindfulness workshops two 8-12 week sessions to be exact and they worked for me if I was practicing meditation upwards of two hours a day. Which to be honest that kind of time isn’t available to a full time working wife and mother.

So I found myself literally at a cross road actually contemplating suicide in a horrific manner. I had made it through 9 plus months of denial and here I was at my breaking point. I had nothing left to give to my career and had to step away to sort through all the emotions which my anxiety had thrust upon me. Now I had two hours a day for mindfulness but that cognitive therapy stuff hadn’t been working for months. I had no way to silence the thoughts I couldn’t get back to that same place I was initially able to get to when I first started the practice.

I was able to focus on mantra and chanting with a Mala, this practice has become quite the trend for those who wish to manifest in their lives. I had started many months prior with a traditional Hindu mala purchased at one of my favourite new age stores. I found a great mantra teacher on YouTube and was able to complete a 40 Day cycle of a mantra to remove obstacles “Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha”. This was an amazing experience since then I had attempted with my own mantra’s but they didn’t seem to resonate as much with my inner self as the traditional ones had.

Mala practice is very specific in how you fulfill the manifestation here are the general rules:

  • Find a quiet place to sit at attention for this practice.
  • Holding the beads in your right hand with your thumb and middle finger say the full mantra for each bead.
  • As you move to the next bead you will pull the mala towards you to complete the full circle.
  • The Attestation beads (large decorative beads at the bottom) these should not be passed over once you’ve completed the full circle.
  • Always leave out the index finger from holding the beads as this finger represents the ego.
  • Use the mantra provided or create your own mantra.
  • Chant this mantra 108 times each day for 40 days.
  • If you miss a day you must start over at day 1.
  • Keep Mala in the bag when not in use or being worn.

There is something about this practice that you definitely feel a shift at the end of the 40 days. I prefer to use traditional chants, some of my favourites are included in the link below.

You can pop by my Etsy shop to see the mala’s I’ve created for purchase. Each 108 bead mala with its own intention can be used to practice as you wish.

Give it a try it really is worth the effort and the practice is truly transformational. Feel free to share this link with those you think will benefit from this practice.

I love getting feedback so please let me know what you think of this post in the comments section below.

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