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Expedition 13: Essential Oil Blends

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I’ve been so busy lately putting myself out there with my creative therapy that I haven’t been able to blog much. Telling my story when I am out there interacting with others has become very liberating. Although I find I still need the recharge I didn’t used to need before my accident. I’ve learned to sense the signals my mind and body give me so I am able to shut down before crisis mode strikes. Yesterday, for example I simply shut off all things SuburbZen for a few hours to focus on some personal writing projects.

I’ve been turning to my oils and stones more often as they seem to really be helping when I am out at shows talking with people. I learned about essential oils and their benefits many moons ago in college. I’m a trained esthetician and cosmetologist and my thesis in my course was on aromatherapy and floral extracts used in cosmetic products. The learning I did in that course allowed me to have the knowledge on safe dermal application, chemical mixing and possible reactions.

Essential oils can impact our moods, provoke mental clarity, thought and creativity. They also have many medical benefits such as their impact on hormone and metabolism balance. Some oils even help us be more resistant to illness. For me oils are a mood stabilizer they allow me to calm my anxiety with scent and provide clarity when I am in distress. I also find that when I meditate with certain oils such as Frankincense I am more focused and able to have a longer practice.

At my shows I am getting many inquiries about the usage of essential oils but not many people understand safe application. With so many companies popping up and people peddling certain oils at trade shows it’s become quite the trend. Many individuals choose to ingest oils and there are a few companies who promote this I would never suggest this unless you are under the care of someone who has many years of experience such as a holistic naturopathic practitioner.

All my oils are blends which I create the same way I do my beaded creations from a mindful meditative state. Depending on how I’m feeling on any given day my creativity flows through my morning meditations. So I have a few blends that have become my best sellers and these oils where made with the most intention in this collection so I get why they quickly became the best sellers.

These include:


which is an aromatically calming oil best used when taking a time out for self care.


which is an uplifting fresh scent which reminds me of that after shower clean scent.


which is a concentration aide I use this one at all my shows it helps me quiet my anxious thoughts so I am able to communicate better.

All of my oils are blended with a carrier oil since many essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin in their 100% concentration as this can cause serious reactions which most people are not aware of. These reactions include skin burns, rashes and hives which you can see a lot of examples of online these days. Since our skin is the largest organ of our entire body we need to be educated about what you place on your skin and make sure it is safe for dermal absorption and application. This is the research I do before I purchase my oils from my supplier.

I use a Canadian supplier, almost always purchasing organic when available. The wholesaler provides full Material Safety Data Sheets which I review prior to purchase as well as other quality control data for each batch on their website so I know I’m getting a quality product. This supplier is the same wholesaler used by large companies like LUSH and The Bearded Bastard so I figured if these powerhouses use their oil it is definitely good enough for my clients.

Spending a week or so using each blend daily to see if it reaches my desired effect once I’m satisfied I begin to mix my recipe and package the product for sale. The next part is the best educating individuals on the usage of these oils with my beaded creations. Diffusing oils is the preferred method, dermal absorption or topical application the second and as mentioned before I never recommend ingestion unless you are under the care of a licensed practitioner.

Lava rock has become the most desired piece for diffusing oils so much so that three of my suppliers have sold out (apparently many people use beading for therapy). I enjoy lava rock as it is a stone which signifies strength and grounding. While I do not suggest my clients apply the oils directly to the rock since it can seep onto the cording and damage the bracelet. I ensure they are blended to be applied to the skin then roll the bracelet over the oils. This also makes it easier to change the oils throughout the day to assist with different ailments.

You can also apply blended oils to raw wood and terra cotta but be mindful that this can change the colour I rather like the effect on wood since it looks aged over time. I currently carry diffuser bracelets in both lava and wood and I also have a diffuser linear necklace collection. There are a few pairs of earrings which have lava rock these I find are best for those who suffer from headaches and are best used with my headache blend.

I have compiled a few links below about essential oils and their safety information below please take the time to educate yourself before you purchase your oils.



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