Detours are not Failures

There was a whole lot of learning and growth that accompanied my personal journey in 2022. Many of you have observed the shifts in perspective, desire to carve out stillness and the many changes I wanted to make happen for 2023. The thing about vision is that we always seem to know the final destination but the steps to making that vision come to life are the real challenge.

Last year this time we had just received news that our lives would forever change. We would take the second bravest step of our lifetime and make the provincial move alone as a couple. For the first time in 24 years we would be a couple. The first brave step was deciding 24 years prior that we would start a family after only knowing each other for 2 months. Both decisions have proven to be the most valuable steps in our own individual evolution of self.

I had no idea of the whirlwind our move would have on our lives and the people around us. How much my close relationships would change, how much judgement would accompany our decision, my perspective on my needs and goals would shift. I can now say I’ve learned so much more about who I truly am and desire to become in these latter years of my life. Originally preparing for the move was dominated by my fierce Ram energy to get everything done. With little time to process what I was leaving behind. Then once we actually made it to Nova Scotia it hit me…

I could take as much or as little time as I wanted to sort out my thoughts, feelings and mood. To decide the direction of my life as we moved forward in our new reality. I didn’t really get back to business until the summer ended but by September of 2022 it was as though I hadn’t missed a beat with back to back markets. I was back at it and building a new branch to my mindful community out here in Nova Scotia. My loyal clients in Ontario held me down and kept my business active until then so I can’t forget to express my gratitude for them and their support.

By the time I hit my stride in mid-October I had realized I fell back into the flow of chasing my tail and was not processing all the shifts along the way. So, it was time to recalibrate yet again because I didn’t come all this way to do things the way I’d been doing them in the city. The hustle mentality and fomo had to go that was the entire point of leaving everything I knew and finding a different path. As grateful as I am for my loyal clients I was equally as grateful that I could hear the echo of my words to them in my own mind.

“It’s ok to step back, take inventory, give yourself permission, show yourself some grace, release that which no longer serves you, surrender and flow”.

By the time my markets for 2022 had come to completion I realized I had pushed myself too far for the major life changes that occurred in 2022. I wasn’t putting myself first, I wasn’t embracing my life force in a mindful way I was trapped in behaviours I knew. One’s which made me comfortable, fostered a sense of security and allowed me to feel connected. But this was so unhealthy in the long run and I knew this.

So, for 2023 I had to come up with a plan one that honoured this once in a lifetime opportunity I had staring me in the mirror to foster more balance, more stillness and space to explore things I told myself I couldn’t do my entire life.

The original plan was to create a space in or on the property that I could see clients in person. I had this grand vision of a “she shed” I could literally share the majestic beauty of this space with others. But soon I had realized that this space was sacred to me, I needed to create boundaries between my personal life and my business. So, I had to make the decision to no longer allow my work to be so close to my home. But I hadn’t had any luck locating a rental unit that was short or long term in my area. So, I decided that this wasn’t the way at this time. I would continue my work remotely and offer in person sessions in others spaces. Mobile Healing it is for 2023 because who doesn’t want healing in their own space right?

I made the decision in late December that I would only commit to 12 in person markets in 2023 knowing that in true me fashion I would likely double by the end of the year. I still had a plan that would leave more time and energy to unplug and continue the work of my own personal journey. There were times throughout 2022 that I had considered closing the business. Returning to a steady paycheque working for someone else, I had resumes out for all sorts of jobs many in finance because that was what I knew in the old version of self. That quickly fizzled out during a highly emotionally charged meltdown, as I realized I couldn’t work for anyone after having built this community of likeminded folks. I knew I wouldn’t find them in the corporate world. So, keep at it and continue to sort out how I can make the most of the few markets I would attend. There had never been a time in my 24 year marriage that I hadn’t been working towards or financially equally contributing to the household. This concept was so foreign to me but I knew I wanted to care for what we had built all those years in a more meaningful way then financially. I wanted to stoke the fire of pride in ownership, I wanted to share the life we had built with others, I wanted the youth to see there is hope for a life you could have never envisioned in your wildest dreams. I couldn’t do any of this in a boardroom.

The 2022-2023 mentorship programs have been more successful then ever. Somehow the ideal clients were turning up left, right and centre. Committed to the process of self-discovery and hungry to learn new skills that would help foster more balance in their own lives. This was helping to keep me connected to the healing work I loved so much. There is nothing more fulfilling in what I do then being able to express my pride in these mentees as they shift away from shame, guilt and judgement into love and compassion for themselves.

The Spiritual Scoop sales while definitely far from a money-making venture this meant I had companionship on Friday evenings. A network of energetic beings looking to embrace all the mindful goodies I had up for offer. But weekly was far too much to manage with all the other rods I had in the fire. So, in 2023 I would make some changes only offer this monthly and fill the other Fridays with something that helped me grow as an individual.

Then there was the book… Yes, the manuscript is still being written. I don’t think I had anticipated how difficult it would be to sift through 44 years of life and select exactly what factored into my personal truth. I was wishy washy on how I wanted others to receive my story, saddened by the events that formed the story, resentful for all the pain I had experienced. Yet as a highly sensitive person who remained trapped in the people pleasing thoughts I wanted most to manage the emotions of all the people who would flip through those pages. I am now realizing that my only goal with this book is to help someone else find their way to the most authentic version of themselves. To help others heal from what was done to them and find that inner light and power that helps them love themselves.

Throughout all this I was able to grasp that the work I do is more about quality then quantity. There is no recipe for success when it comes to the work I do except a knowingness that I am exactly where I need to be…Aligned with my highest good and that good knows I need more stillness, more balance and a lot more play.

For anyone who has made it this far in my post I encourage you to re-evaluate what you do in a day, week, month or year. Decide where your life is seeping vital lifeforce that you need to fill your cup. Discover what truly makes you happy and surrender your vision if it feels overwhelming. Life is filled with struggles there is no need to continue to impose more upon one’s self because you have set a final goal or destination.

Let the journey be your guide to your highest good!





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