Crystal Directory-In Progress

  We’ve had the idea of adding a crystal, mineral, stone directory to our site for some time but time is exactly what seems to always get in the way. There are various properties and benefits associated with crystals. In the work I perform as a crystal healer I also find that just because a book or online resource says a stone is good for you doesn’t make it so. For example Amethyst is not a stone I can use for sleep. It activates my third-eye to a level that is more beneficial for emotional exploration. Something like Howlite is a perfect fit providing a soothing calmness to settle my very active squirrel brain.

  Lately we’ve been spending an immense amount of time and energy replying to questions about specimens in individuals collections. While we love hearing from you and answering your questions there is an intuitive energy that goes into working with your collection and your energy to give you an accurate as possible breakdown. So we’ve decided to do two things the first is to begin offering paid crystal consultations where you send us photos of your collection and we reply via email with a summary of benefits to mind, body and soul connection with a downloadable PDF.

  The second is to start building some data on our Facebook page through regular features of specific specimens, formations, shapes or general crystal questions. These posts will begin on Monday, February 1st, 2021 at 12pm. We will be spending an hour each Monday answering your questions on these posts. Each month thereafter we will be uploading these details to our online directory. So what does this mean for you? When you are drawn to or choosing a crystal you will have our directory available to search to decide if that item works for you or just to simply confirm your own intuition.

  We hope you find both the free and paid content of value! Your participation with questions will definitely help us build a comprehensive database beyond our training, knowledge and most trusted text resources. Did you know we also offer free online personal shopping at no charge?

To book your personalized consultation today click the link below or head to our Services link in the Main Menu.


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