Clairvoyance-An Exploration of the Senses

       In this blog post I’ll be sharing with you how I label my abilities to perform the work I do as a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Intuitive Empath. I’ll describe the senses involved in clairvoyant work, how I receive messages, how I learned this practice and the value of the work I do. I would say that for the most part there is a certain expectation of what an intuitive, psychic or medium does and often there is a mystical showmanship that accompanies this perception (as seen in the click bate image). Anyone who has looked into the depths of the history of this spiritual practice often finds out the perception is similar to that of an influencer on social media is in today’s day and age. Let’s face it the history of this craft has been riddled with those less then honorary individuals who chose financial gain as their motive using antics to add value to what is meant to be a very sacred communication with the collective beyond our human existence. What you see isn’t necessarily what you get. It is important to know why your reader does the work they do (motive), what is it they wish to accomplish through their work (vocation) and of course a basic understanding of how they arrive at their conclusions (gifts) or what they hope to give back.

       Not every reader is equal in what they hope their impact on the collective is some are merely here because it is the on-trend thing to do or they saw a famous medium on television who travels depicting a lavish lifestyle. In my experience the perception is rarely anywhere close to the reality as most authentic readers live somewhat simple lives seeking to raise the level of human consciousness in hopes that our minds can evolve beyond this human existence. Many simply want to assist others in making sense of the synchronicities which occur to help people navigate the messy challenges that present themselves within this lifetime.

       When a reader uses their clairvoyant abilities, it takes an immense amount of training, practice and preparation to be able to do it well without objectivity. Daily practice is often part of the honing of one’s skill set as connection with their gifts and guides is essential. This can look different for each reader I myself meditate silently or with chanting often in nature daily for anywhere from 1-3 hours. Calling upon my guides for these sessions so they may communicate with yours openly this allows me to remain protected from outside energies but allows flow of the life force required to make connections. The duration of my own practice often depends on what is happening outside my control (in the community, the world, the collective). The amount of energy used during a reading can be very exhausting for the reader as the high vibrational flow exhausts the mental and physical body. Those who offer “free advice” in my opinion are often using knowledge acquired via research more then clairvoyant abilities to communicate. Not to say that one is more valuable than the other. However, I do believe no self-respecting individual performing this for the right reasons as a spiritual offering would undervalue the worth of their practice/gifts/training or connection to divine messaging by offering them at zero cost.

       I’m often asked if I feel anyone can do this work. I would respond to that by simply saying yes at varying degrees the universal messages are available to us all. This takes a level of self-trust not always available to all depending on their life’s journey. Honing this skill if it is not a natural gift can question all that we’ve been taught during our human existence for some this is far-fetched and way too “woo woo” to wrap their minds around. Readers will often rely on others skills to receive guidance they are seeking in their own lives. Keeping in mind just because you can tap into these messages doesn't mean you will use them for the greater good or objectively know what options are available.  Sometimes the message can be pin pointed by seeking guidance from a person less involved in the situation. I myself seek clarity through co-hort mediums, a tea leaf/tarot readers and empaths to understand my own messages a few times a year. 

       So, let’s take a look at the Clairvoyant senses often associated with readers and the basic cues. I’ve arranged the below senses in order of how they presented to me along my own personal journey. Giving examples of how each sense impacts my sessions with clients and which I find to be strongest. I’ve read many articles saying that readers only get one of these senses however I would say that many may have a combination of them with one being most dominant or presenting a stronger connection to the spirit realm.


     1. Clairaudience-hearing or amplification of messages

The first time I recall experiencing this was in my childhood around 7 years of age. It came through as a very familiar voice I somehow knew I had heard it before then. To help others understand I often describe this as one’s inner conscience or bridge to their guides.

Today in readings this comes through in a very organic manner unbuffered words or statements begin to flow from my mouth without any filter. Often spoken much harsher then how I would normally communicate. Typically followed with an apology from me as I am consciously aware of the direct nature of the message. From time to time in sessions this may come through as the voice of a departed loved one, although this has only happened a handful of times. I begin to actually articulate my words with that person’s personality sometimes even mimicking their mannerisms.

      2. Clairalience-smell, odour without physical source

The first time I can recall experiencing this was my wedding day in my 20th year. Later that day realizing the strong powdery scent with accents of orange blossom and citrus was signaling the presence of my grandmother who had departed 6 years prior. It was the softness, calming peaceful feeling of the hyper feminine aroma of her perfume Chantilly Lace. This is often experienced in my practice today when a departed loved one wishes to be acknowledged as a support from the spirit realm. Whether it be a floral scent or some type of tobacco smoke it typically overwhelms any other incense or candle I may be burning during the session. Clients typically know exactly who it is once I mention it or confirm they also smelled the aroma during the session.

     3. Clairsentience-tactile feeling, chills, hot/cold, physical sensation or pain

I would say that this clair is the most dominant for me and has been present with me as far back as I can recall. This is the empathic highly sensitive nature of the being I came to earth as in my opinion. This clair resonates most with the modalities I practice whether it be reiki healing, crystal healing or a reading.

For me this clair often signals illness/injury within the physical body from a past injury or potential irregularity a client should keep watch over. For example, when I am hovering over specific areas of the body I can feel tightness or pain in my own body which I wouldn’t normally feel. This may occur before I have even started the session sometimes days ahead of the appointment persistently nagging until contact is made with the client. Just as quickly as the physical manifestation occurs it dissipates once I acknowledge it or deliver the message.

I can also experience an intense heat arise from my lower chakra’s or flushing of the face accompanied by perspiration, when I begin to focus on a word or event this will signal an area of the reading I need to focus on again the heat will often dissipate once the cycle of verbal communication has occurred.

Choosing crystals for body gridding will often employ this clair with a resonance of the vibration of certain crystals during the selection process leading up to the formation of the lay. This is often felt in my left hand as a twitch of my pinky or middle finger when I hover over a large group of the specimens. With high vibrational stones such as Moldavite or Blue Kyanite it can present as chills or pressure in my head. I find this clair to be one of the most interesting with the least amount of ability to be influenced by the readers objectivity. For me it is the ultimate connection of mind, body and soul I often experience as a yoga practitioner.

     4. Claircognition-knowing, gut feeling, using vibrational flow of energy from objects or tools (oracle cards/crystals/tarot/objects)

This clair often assists with predictive messages about past, present or future. For me this was my starter clair now I use this as a baseline when working with clients since it allows me to validate my other clair senses. The sense of knowing is to me the hardest one for others to understand especially those with limited emotional intelligence or self-awareness. My explanation of this clair is simple it is an understanding which has no origin it is more a feeling. I find myself telling clients that if it means something to you how would I know to communicate it to you? This clair can also be supported by holding an item belonging to someone which may store energetic connections to that individual or events in their lifetime making the messages more relevant to the client.

     5. Clairvoyance-seeing, pictures, people, symbols, scene, future scenarios

Most psychics/mediums have this gift in particular some describe it as a vivid vision on a white screen which plays out in their minds eye. I would say that this is the main perceived idea of how initiative’s, psychics and mediums receive their messages and often the future prediction is the most expected outcome for choosing these services. There are so many more aspects which can influence future events that these messages are most susceptible to fluidity based on other vibrational forces which may alter the outcome post session.

I would label this clair as the one I rely on the least in my sessions mainly because I am a firm believer that life is lived in the present moment. How I use it is to communicate messages which may present through others guides in imagery. For me this is more slow-moving snapshots of numbers, letters or animals. With clients who are actively working with their own practice I may see visions of loved ones in shadow like formations but somehow, I am able to describe specific characteristics without ever having known the person in the image. My visions are rarely animated at this time unless it is seen during a reiki session where the colours of the chakras are often animated in different forms and levels of saturation.

     6. Clairgustance-tasting something that isn’t there

Here is one I can only recall experiencing vividly once. It was a butterscotch candy (Werther’s to be exact) which my grandmother used to give us when we would visit. This taste occurred during a session where another grandmother was seeking to connect with their granddaughter. I find that spirit will carefully selects things readers can easily understand for those who may have been resistant to prior attempts at contact. With this clair I feel it is best communicated once hints surface within others clairs in order to ensure the message is of value to the client.


       The state of consciousness in the human experience is also influenced by non-esoteric events and of course choice. There are forks in the road and ultimately, we choose our own direction with or without guidance through readings. I caution that these communications are not handbooks on how one should or shouldn’t live their lives. These messages merely provide support often validating a feeling you’ve already had. The flow of energy among our human world is ever changing and social media, human conditioning and many other exposures can shift our energy and influence the outcomes. These scenarios can and will change the course of events often so I always tell my clients to reflect on the messages received to see if they fit past, present or future outcomes.

       For me the motive is to help others have a better realization of self and establishing a relationship with their inner being. The vocation in my work is to raise the consciousness of humans beyond what we know and can prove in the physical world. Finally the gift to others is emotional resiliency to navigate the suffering which occurs in our everyday lives. Meeting one’s inner being with compassion and kindness which is self-inclusive I attempt to do this through my gift of Clairsentience (feeling). The above reasons are why I refer to myself as an Intuitive Empath.

      Thank you for taking the time to explore the clairvoyant senses with me. I hope you find this post valuable in understanding the soul connection and universal honouring of the crafts I practice. If you are seeking validation, guidance and feedback from your guides I highly encourage you to book one of our three healing modalities (currently being offered remotely).

       If it is change you seek in your life or you are interested in developing your own clairvoyant tools you will have more luck with our self-discovery sessions which we will detail in another blog post soon.




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  • Elizabeth on

    Very interesting to read and thank you for the information or insights about this subject matter.

  • Elizabeth on

    Very interesting to read and thank you for the information or insights about this subject matter.

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