Into the Abyss...

Hello Soulful Supporters,
    Many of you have seen my transition both professionally and personally throughout the past 6 years of owning this business. To say that I have had more than my fair share of pivots is an understatement. Last year presented the biggest transition I have faced in my adult life and it was a huge transition for our entire family. When we moved to the East Coast we became empty nesters and in true me fashion I kept busy. But being busy isn't always good, especially for me. I've been holding back from moving forward ever since that move despite the regular reminders from Universe. Being in a new space with so many new gifts and interests emerging without my thriving social connections back home has been a huge obstacle for me. But as a client of mine you know that my goal is to never become too comfortable in life.
    I have come to the realization that for me to grow in a direction that truly serves the community and my gifts I can no longer do things the same way. Last year was the only year in operation that I have incurred a financial loss and it was devastating. I have woven so much of my own personal story into this brand and my message that I failed to see my own growth in other directions. That being said, I recognize that I have spent most of 2023 trying to recapture the early success I had without acknowledging that I had outgrown so much of what made it work for others. Put simply I am in a much different space energetically then I have been in the past and my impact and reach no longer have the value they once did in others lives.
   Effective December 31, 2023 SuburbZen will no longer exist. It is one of the hardest things to let go of because without it I'm not sure I would be here today. The fact this all grew out of a late night remembered wellness practice to help me with my anxiety is mind blowing. To you I want to say thank you for showing up. Thank you for being vulnerable and trusting me to hold your stories and guide you to the peace-light-love that resides within you. I am hopeful that we will remain in touch because I want to be at your weddings, your graduations and still be a part of all your milestones in your journey forward. Your support, love and compassion to trust me with things you likely never even shared with your loved ones will remain part of my heart forever. I am so grateful to have worked in this capacity successfully for so many years. But now it is time for me to move on.
   If you are currently working with me in my mentorship program we will complete your remaining sessions as scheduled. Your documents and notes will be kept on file for 7 years until they are shredded and burned as that is my compliance requirement. If you have any questions or concerns about not having support when we complete your sessions please reach out. After careful consideration of where my current mentees are in their journey I can confidently say that my work with you is complete. It is also time for you to move forward and test our work out on your own. Of course I will always be available and if you want my private email I am happy to provide it. I plan to leave the digital footprint on Instagram and Facebook available at this time since I feel all the lives touched deserves space to exist. I don't know if that will change in the future but for now it remains.

   As for my future plans for once in my entire life I don't have any...I will step away and see where it goes, I will free fall into the abyss with a knowingness that it will turn out as it is meant to. As I type this I can energetically feel you all saying but what about the book. With my gifts and my research things have become more complex with my original draft then I thought they were so it is happening but the when "who knows". I will be stepping away for a period of time to recalibrate, align and create. How long I cannot say, as I am stepping so far outside the person I've ever been to take in what I need to create for the collective. With that space I will have the ability to return to revisit so much of the whirlwind of changes I've experienced since 2016 and I am excited to see what exactly is in store for me ahead. I will say I can feel the energy of it all and it is bigger than anything I've ever known in my lifetime. There is a power in it that I never even knew resided inside of me and I'm finally ready to create space to authentically receive it free from fear, guilt or judgement.
I love and adore you all for being such a vibrant, bright light in my journey. I wish you all the absolute best in whatever doors this space opens up for you. 

Trish Killins

Spiritual Mentor/Coach/Self-Discovery Facilitator

CRA Usui Reiki Master/HMA Certified Crystal Healer/200hr RYT

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