2022 SuburbZen-Healing Crystal Advent Calendar

You've unlocked the magic of healing crystals through your purchase of our Advent Calendar.

Come back daily to discover the name and potential benefits of working with your finds. 

Step 1: Look for your specimen on the image. 

Step 2: Write down the days number and name of the specimen.

Step 3: Scan the QR code to search the directory below for more details on the benefits of your specimen for mind, body and soul.







Fosters self-awareness, spiritual evolution

Place this stone on the third eye (center brow) connection to spirituality

Connects your imagination to your most authentic self

Moss Agate

Fosters emotional balance, taming of aggression

Place this stone on areas of the body which suffer inflammation to reduce symptoms of pain

Connects inner self with the physical world


Fosters patience, calm

Helps one find stillness to aid in getting a restful sleep when held in non-dominant hand or placed in pillow case

Allows us to better connect with self-tolerance & acceptance


Fosters the ability to step outside obstacles to seek new solutions to problems

Place on third eye (center of brow) to help with visualization, also assists with connection to upper consciousness

Place on third eye (center of brow) to help with any eye issues or strain

Blue Calcite

Fosters ability to speak with a calm manner

Place on the throat chakra for clarity of communication, can also be used to help with any vocal or throat infections

Calms one to be better connected with spiritual purpose


Promotes mental stability, combats stress & irritability

Use to navigate overcoming addictive behaviors, helps with bone marrow health

Helps one establish telepathic communication

Green Calcite

Fosters speaking from the heart

Place stone on throat and left hand on heart to join the hearts message with communication style

Stimulates self-forgiveness and stimulates compassion

Grey Aragonite

Helps solve problems, increases reliability

Helps one care for the health of skin and stress-related conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

Use this specimen to still the mind when preparing for meditation

Clear Quartz

This stone can be programmed and helps with memory enhancement

Stimulant for the nervous system, growth of hair and fingernails. When used on the crown it can spark spiritual connections

If emotions are big working with this stone will only amplify them but as a master healing stone we can turn our emotions over to our higher power


Helps the mind navigate negativity, dream recall and ancient civilization wisdom

Good for the lymphatic system, joints, hips, gallbladder, PMS and schizophrenia

If one is looking to work with Shamanic access to spirit realm this stone helps harness those powers

Black Tourmaline

Helps with mental health, balances left/right brain activity

Aids detoxing symptoms, low blood pressure and digestive issues

Facilitates removal of blockages, absorbs negativity, victim mentality

Blue Kyanite

Helps with mental stamina, can help when conducting ceremonies

Good for brain, throat, muscles and neurological function

Offers tranquility, alignment of all chakras, psychic awareness, connection with spirit guides


Helps one evoke leadership qualities, enhances memory & thought processes

Helps with radiation sickness, snoring, bronchitis, bones, digestion. Good for those who are accident prone

Allows one to challenge the negative thought patterns which sabotage spiritual growth


This stone ignites our logical mind to better understand our feelings

This stone helps with physical balance, metabolic and lymphatic health and can assist with insomnia, autism and calcium deficiencies

This stone helps the over sensitive empath overcome self doubt and communicate their truth to foster inner peace and calmness


This stone helps one feel better, sparks motivation and enhances sexual desire

This stone can increase vitality and help one treat diseases linked to emotional baggage.

Carnelian resonates with the sacral chakra to increase mental creativity

Picture Jasper

Helps one to see the bigger picture. Can help with planning business goals

Helps with immune system, skin health and kidneys

This stone can help with creative visualization also helps to release any hidden grief or fear

Black Obsidian

Masculine energies which provide protection and increase intuition

Fosters survival instincts and helps one with digestive problems

This stone can be used for scrying and shamanic healing and is an excellent grounding tool

Dalmatian Jasper

This stone is a connector of the spiritual and physical self. Helps with learning.

Protection from physical harm/danger, increases stamina to overcome mind chatter.

Helps remove negative thinking and balances yin/yang energy

Desert Rose

Enhances psychic abilities and past life recall

Helps one with improved flexibility, mobility and tissue regeneration

Enhances the presence of white light to work with channeling the messages from your guides


This stone is good for combating stress, phobias and guilt

This stone can help with development of a healthy baby, arthritis, asthma and blood pressure disorders. Also helps regulate glucose

Helps aggressive communicators tame the sharp tongue to foster better understanding in relationships with self and others


Connects base and heart chakra to act from the heart. Promotes living in the present moment

Good stone to work with for fertility, pregnancy, womb health and weight gain.

Can help to navigate acceptance of past experiences and provide a portal access to past lives


Allows the mind to focus when faced with complex thought processes

Anyone who struggles with eyes, ears, nose or throat issues can benefit from working with this stone.

Harmonizes and protects ones spiritual energy to provide clarity of messages to improve spiritual balance


Promotes usage of the intellectual brain, increases tolerance and action taking

Protection for those who travel, reduces water retention and swelling, cooling action for the physical body

Assists with anxiety, can help one during meditation and promotes celebration of small changes which bring on self-realizations

Rose Quartz

Helps one foster self-compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of love

Helps maintain a healthy complexion, youthful look and balances adrenal glands

Enhances feminine energy, helps overcome resentment and emotional wounds which close the heart off. Helps one be compassionate to healing their inner child

Smoky Quartz

Male energy stone which helps one dispel negativity, helps with overspending

This stone is good for the lower limbs and helps to express one’s self physically

Grounding stone which promotes a relaxed approach to meditation. Helps healers channel energy through their hands and can also help with overcoming karmic patterns


Works well for mental sharpness, intuition and analysis

Helps to heal warts, eye health, digestive issues and stress management

This stone offers stability to ones aura to align the flow of physical energy through the chakras. Helps one uncover their own destiny and take action in following that path


Provides insight into new beginnings, change and wisdom for soul evolution

This stone helps us ebb and flow with the moon cycles and improves circulation. Helps manage menopausal symptoms and fertility

This stone helps one remove energetic blockages to provide piece of mind and compassion to self when struggling emotionally

Snowflake Obsidian

This stone promotes purity and helps foster a peaceful mindset, can also be helpful with understanding math

The sinuses and digestive tracts are linked through the meridian lines and this stone helps promote flow between them for optimum health

When one is looking to combat loneliness this stone can help us change behavior patterns which no longer serve us to welcome in more acceptance of others


This stone promotes courage, reduces emotional stress and creative flow

Helps the body release toxins, can regulate the menstrual bleed and help with bone/blood cancers. Also helps those with iron deficiency

This is a temper tamer which can help provide calmness for those prone to aggression for the means of control

Lapis Lazuli

Provides an ability to endure mental stressors can help combat anxiety

Helps with hearing loss, back ache and illness prevention for the skeletal/muscular structures of the body

Provides relaxation for the mind to navigate relationships, dreamlife and any psychic intuition linked to ancient civilizations

Tigers Eye

This is a courage in your pocket stone which allows you to push past mental limitations

Helps heal broken bones, irregular bowel function, nausea and vision

Embrace personal power and show up in ways which combat fear and worry. Great stone for introverts looking to step into their true voice in a balanced way

Yellow Jade

This stone encourages one to find the joy and happiness in life

Stimulates one to act on desires to become or engage in physical activity

This stone helps one provide self nurturing during meditation to foster self-compassion and understanding

  Don't see your crystal or specimen on this chart no worries send me a photograph and I will reply with the name and properties. 

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