Stop to take it all in…

With the constant pressure to show up, keep up & be everything to everyone.

We forget to STOP, take it all in, peel back the layers, find the Peace, Light & Love inside all of us that the world needs to see more of.

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The hour glass of purpose…

Are you searching for integrity, authenticity & inner peace in this chaotic artificial paradise?

Do you sometimes wonder where most of the time has gone & what you have to show for it?

Have you always wished that you had more time to do the things that make you feel whole?

Me too!

Be Quiet…Just Listen…


This blog is here to chronicle my expedition into myself…

I’ve spent the past 40 years building this life only to realize I’m not enjoying a damn thing I’ve worked so hard for. I feel the need to be more authentic, love more, laugh more and create more!

My goal is to assist others in developing coping tools to deal with daily stress, personal empowerment & a better sense of balance in life.

So my answer to this is to share with you my series of expeditions chronicling my own journey to enlightenment. In these expeditions I will climb through the peaks and valleys of my memories, dig to the depths of my soul, swim through the veins of my heart and soar into WHO I AM today.

Why do such a thing because a voice keeps screaming “BE QUIET LISTEN” there is more out there.

This is a journey which I wish to share with others whether you are the teacher lighting my path in the dark days, joining me on an adventure to seek truth together, or simply reading along. I hope to provide insight into what is available to heal your mind, body and soul and share my own experiences along the way. In the end we are all humans living on this earth to the best of our capabilities the journey is far more enjoyable with like minded companions.



Blog: Expeditions into myself…